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Job Agent: The Best Connection

This is our The Best Connection Jobs page. We have listed the full address of The Best Connection as well as phone numbers and websites. The Best Connection is in Worcester, The Best Connection offers part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs, summer jobs and night jobs in Worcester and also any time of employment and jobs in Worcester.

Agency Rank
The Best Connection
First Floor/Independence House
Queen Street
Worcester, WR1 2PL
Phone: 01905 731777
Fax: 01905 731888

Latest Reviews

* Josham

My partner is having a problem with this agency at the moment.... Basically after seeing a \"too good to be true\" advertisement on the Job centre website he gave up a permanent position with a large Organisation, applied for and was successful in getting a job as a class 2 driver. For this he was told he would be paid 9ph...The first and second week there were issues with what time he should actually be starting work between the agency and the employer - in the end the employer told my partner to disregard what the agency told him..... Then upon receiving pay and wage slip the second week, my partner realised that he was now only being paid 7.50ph after contacting the agency he has basically been told he can like it or lump it...again by a very unhelpful person. The funny thing here though is that like the complaint above it also transpires that other people employed by the agency at this place of work are still being paid at the higher rate!!! ...

May 29, 2008
* NiSL

I joined up with the agency because i found most of the jobs at the Job Centre were from The Best Connection agency. I spent about an hour waiting, filled in applications as per normal. They enquired about a job i was interested in and within a few minutes they had phoned the employer and came back to me saying that i would be starting the following week. I thought this sounded too good and it was, they told me that they would phone me to tell me where to go on the day, they never phoned me, i had to phone them to hear them telling me that i hadn\'t been told i had the job yet, which is untrue. Not only this but i have found out that they were going to pay me about 4 per hour less than some of the other agency workers at the place i was interested in. I had signed up to this agency a couple of times in the past with no result, i gave them another chance but it seems like they haven\'t improved. The extremely ignorant South African receptionist didn\'t help their case either. I will be making a formal complaint....

Jan 14, 2008

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