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Job Agent: Jobcentre Plus

This is our Jobcentre Plus Jobs page. We have listed the full address of Jobcentre Plus as well as phone numbers and websites. Jobcentre Plus is in Sheffield, Jobcentre Plus offers part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs, summer jobs and night jobs in Sheffield and also any time of employment and jobs in Sheffield.

Agency Rank
Jobcentre Plus
Cavendish Court
9 Bank Street
Sheffield, S1 2DR
Phone: 0114-259 0000

Latest Reviews

* J Grant-Duff

after years of attending the job centre i was not offered a job, nor a job interview, nor anything approaching a satisfactory response. i am sorry that is the attitude: from my own personal experience, i have had to suffer from the blind and repetitive claim that i am not able to be helped into work; and yet nothing has been done. The Government's policy must be to get employers interested and to keep them obliged to help jobseekers. I have not broken the criminal law, and have done nothing to discourage work from coming my way. i understand that concerns were expressed about my health; but i should have dealt long ago with that issue. As for the petty regulations; i have on every turn explained my circumstances and the job placements thereon in great detail, but have been unable to secure what is owed to me personally. A system that goes round in cricles, applying for non-existent jobs on a cyclical basis, form no part of a sensible search. The same jobs appear annually and with the same outcomes amd the same ignorant response. It si exasperating to be so abused, and used, for nothing so grand as employment....

Sep 17, 2013
* Meg

It is absolutely impossible to reach them the phone!!!!!...

Apr 12, 2010

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