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Job Agent: Jobcentre Plus

This is our Jobcentre Plus Jobs page. We have listed the full address of Jobcentre Plus as well as phone numbers and websites. Jobcentre Plus is in Luton, Jobcentre Plus offers part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs, summer jobs and night jobs in Luton and also any time of employment and jobs in Luton.

Agency Rank
Jobcentre Plus
Cheviot House
Guildford Street
Luton, LU1 2ER
Phone: 01582 744000

Latest Reviews

* steven Lavery

On 2/10/13 went to sign on at jobcentre plus Luton (Beds). When I was called the member of staff who served me (Donna),was asking questions about my heart condition and what I do at weekends. All information on file anyway. Did explain will need heart valve replacement or heart bypass. She decided to get colleague (Kelly) word with me.Information was ok,she still put it down to be looked in to. It turned out that even I was putting the dates and company names of my job search, I was not putting were i was looking and where i got information from. Was threatened benefit could stop. Was kept for over an hour. Was late for next appointment.Did took Kelly's advice and now on ESA, Just don't wish to be treated like a liar. I got serious heart condition that only be sorted by a operation at Harefield Hospital (London)....

Oct 9, 2013
* stacey

there service was very poor, ive never claimed jobs seekers or any sort of benefits in my life and they were full aware of that. my adviser was rude, misleading and judgemental. im a 23 week pregnant women who was seeking help, all i got was attitude back. and saying to me how i could work behind the a bar full time. and told me how my cv was not up to scratch and sent me on a course about cvs to be told that my cv was very good. ive removed my self from there service and have to manage with what i have. ...

Feb 1, 2013
* maz

Jobcenter plus Luton is not a jobcenter at all its just a place where you sign on some of the jobs that i have applied for are no longer active its a complete waist of time and have found that they are of no help at all. ...

Oct 3, 2012
* Wayne

The phone never connects or just doesn\'t get answered. ...

Mar 7, 2012
* anon

I found them very helpful and explained ESA well and asked me to write or call if I needed more explaining....

Sep 25, 2011
* karen fadera

got through to the job centre couldnt tell me how my benifits would be affected if on j s a as they say they only deal with income support WHAT THIS IS A JOB CENTRE THEY ARE USELESS....

Oct 15, 2010

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