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This is our Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd Jobs page. We have listed the full address of Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd as well as phone numbers and websites. Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd is in Birmingham, Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd offers part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs, summer jobs and night jobs in Birmingham and also any time of employment and jobs in Birmingham.

Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd Map:
Balfor Recruitment Group Ltd
34 Harborne Road
Birmingham, B15 3AA
Phone: 0870-727 2244
Fax: 0870-727 2627


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    ....................... on 11 Dec 2012
    Worst recruitment business out there. Keep as far away as possible from them. I won\'t like to go into details about my experience with them as it\'s a lot of what\'s already been said by others. The owner of the business is the most unprofessional person you\'ll ever come across. He asks that his staff cut corners to make him money and haven\'t got a clue about recruitment. I know of over 25 people who have left the business in the past 11 months and the ones I seen leave have all given the same reasons. I was strong advised not to work there by people in the recruitment profession and I wish I\'d listened.
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    Claire Sadler on 17 Apr 2012
    I came to Balfor for an interview and I met with Darren Peck. He came across arrogant and actually quite badly dressed. Firstly, the office was so unprofessional with of kids running around. Secondly, someone was making rude remarks against women! Thirdly, I thought to myself, who would operate a business like this! Shockingly bad recruitment company. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM.
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    Nitasha Sahota on 17 Apr 2012
    Having worked at Balfor for over 6 months, I would not recommend to anyone actively looking for a job. Whilst dealing with recruitment consultants, you need to form a bond and trust with your recruiter - however, at Balfor, this will never happen for you. The reason for this is due to the fact that the retention rate is abysmal - I personally have seen over 20 members of staff leave the office in six months. We\'re only a small recruitment company with around 30 members of staff. Staff are not valued and move on. Managerial staff are all in it for themselves, if you do a deal, you\'ll never see commission for it, the MD will just buy himself a new toy. They aren\'t up to date with other recruitment companies out there - just look at the website, it\'s 4 years old and doesn\'t even have the most up to date number!! We constantly get calls to repay our debts as Balfor don\'t pay anyone. There is no database and no real system to allow us to do our job and find candidates for our clients. I really could go on, it\'s so disheartening. I often cried myself to sleep. Please don\'t think I\'m out to tarnish the company, I appreciated my time there, but I have joined a proper recruitment firm now and felt it only right to warn future employees and candidates that use their services. They really are abysmal.
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    ANONYMOUS on 17 Apr 2012
    They are the worst recruitment company I have ever worked for. They lie and dont tell the truth. They dont CRB candidates, they lie about that as well. They never pay commission to anyone and they have no training in place. Darren Peck is the Director and he will lie to your face, DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! THEY WILL TARNISH YOUR NAME.
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    Sibongile on 05 Oct 2010
    They are the best agency ,they know how to recommend and position where you make use of your qualifications. Thanks Bhav you are a star
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    Joanna Swinton on 11 Nov 2009
    I found this agency to be really helpful, although slow to get going. The staff are really nice and happy to help. They are trying hard to find me work and in todays climbate, have done well. Thanks Balfor, especially Marc for all your help
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    Joan Watson on 01 Jul 2008
    Balfor group, were not proffessional, and they didn\'t find me work. Alot of the staff that i spoke to were rude, and never had any time. Everything was too much trouble, i would recommend other agencies than using these!

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