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Job Agent: Staff-Line Recruitment

This is our Staff-Line Recruitment Jobs page. We have listed the full address of Staff-Line Recruitment as well as phone numbers and websites. Staff-Line Recruitment is in Birmingham, Staff-Line Recruitment offers part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs, summer jobs and night jobs in Birmingham and also any time of employment and jobs in Birmingham.

Agency Rank
Staff-Line Recruitment
Galbraith House
141 Great Charles St Queensway
Birmingham, B3 3LG
Phone: 0121-236 4466
Fax: 0121-236 2308

Latest Reviews

* Laura Lloyd

My husband applied for a job as an fork lift truck driver with this agency, he has 14 years experience in the industry so he was more than qualified for the job. He received a phone call to go to an interview & assessment passed both and was told he should get a phone call within that week to start work. A couple of weeks later still had no phone call from them so he rang they said they were just waiting for a vacancy to come up for him and they would get some one to ring him soon. Around a month later he received a phone call from locksley saying they have a vacancy for him and if he could come and do and assessment and attend an interview, my husband replied \"yes of course, but I have already done one\". The bloke seemed confused and said he would look into my husbands file to see what is happening and he would ring him back within the hour but he never did, my hubby rang him back a few times and he never answered the phone. We haven\'t heard anything from them since. I think this agency are disgusting the way they treat you, they give misleading information and never do what they say they will and also don\'t have the guts to ring people to say unfortunately you are unsuccessful. I am totally disgusted with how my husband was treated and all of the messing about they have done to us. ...

May 14, 2012

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